Conversions  &  Interfaces System   that   maximize   your investment    in                      Oracle E-Business  Suite.

100% Integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite. No additional hardware or technology are required.


Business Objetives


• Reduce time, effort and costs in system implementation

• Enable rapid and secure integration with other systems

• Give full control over the Conversions & Interfaces to the users

• Decentralize the Interfaces & Approval Management (Workflow)

• Capacity to manage changes in Batch, Manually or Automatically

• Improve integrity, history and audit over data flow (SOX)

• Alert Notification with intuitive e-mails (out-of-the-box)

• Process Integration (one place)

• Save management time and costs by:

   o Direct Data and Mapping Values Maintenance

   o Adequate error handling and correction

   o Total control over the Transfer Flow

Technical Improvements

    • User support time reduction and minimize technical issues

    • It is not necessary to install FTP, SQL Loader or others tools

    • Pre-built Templates, Adapters, API’s and strategic well defined

    • Data fixes are simple and secure. Allowing to Minimize risk.

    • Development time savings:

        o More setup or predefine logic instead of development

        o Generic: Programs, Validations, Forms and API’s

        o Possible to build interfaces without development

        o Interface Standardization